150 SQL Queries Part8

150 SQL Queries, www.askhareesh.com
141) Display the name of the dept those employees who joined the company on the same date?

142) Display those employees whose grade is equal to any number of sal but not equal to first number of sal?

143) Count the no of employees working as manager using set operation?

144) Display the name of employees who joined the company on the same date?

145) Display the manager who is having maximum number of employees working under him?

146) List out the employee name and salary increased by 15% and express as whole number of Dollars?

147) Produce the output of the emptable "EMPLOYEE_AND JOB" for ename and job ?

148) List of employees with hiredate in the format of 'June 4 1988'? 

149) print list of employees displaying 'Just salary' if more than 1500 if exactly 1500
display 'on taget' if less than 1500 display below 1500?

150) Which query to calculate the length of time any employee has been with the company 


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