150 SQL Queries Part5

150 SQL Queries, www.askhareesh.com
81) Display the date three months before the Current date?

82) Display the common jobs from department number 10 and 20?

83) Display the jobs found in department 10 and 20 Eliminate duplicate jobs?

84) Display the jobs which are unique to department 10?

85) Display the details of those employees who do not have any person working under him?

86) Display the details of those employees who are in sales department and grade is 3?

87) Display thoes who are not managers?

88) Display those employees whose name contains not less than 4 characters?

89) Display those department whose name start with"S" while location name ends with "K"?

90) Display those employees whose manager name is Jones?

91) Display those employees whose salary is more than 3000 after giving 20% increment?

92) Display all employees with their department names?

93) Display ename who are working in sales department?

94) Display employee name,dept name,salary,and commission for those sal in between 2000 to 5000 while location is Chicago?

95) Display those employees whose salary is greater than his managers salary?

96) Display those employees who are working in the same dept where his manager is work?

97) Display those employees who are not working under any Manager?

98) Display the grade and employees name for the deptno 10 or 30 but grade is not 4 while joined the company before 31-DEC-82?

99) Update the salary of each employee by 10% increment who are not eligible for commission?

100) Delete those employees who joined the company before 31-Dec-82 while their department Location is New York or Chicago?


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