Payables Notices

Payables Notices

Payables Notices

Invalid PO Supplier Notice: Use the Invalid PO Supplier Notice to create a notice informing a supplier that you placed an invoice on hold because the supplier did not provide a purchase order number for matching or you could not use the purchase order number provided by the supplier. Payables creates a notice for each supplier with invoices to which you have manually applied an Invalid PO hold.

Matching Hold Agent Notice: Use the Matching Hold Agent Notice to print a notice informing a purchasing agent of any matching holds due to a variance between an invoice and the agent’s purchase order. When you submit this report, Payables prints a notice to each purchasing agent who has issued a purchase order that has a variance with its matched invoice.

Prepayment Remittance Notice: Use the Prepayment Remittance Notice to print a notice to a supplier with information regarding the prepayments you have applied to invoices for the supplier. The notice informs a supplier that the supplier will not receive a payment or will receive a reduced payment as a result of a prepayment application.

Print Invoice Notice: Payables prints invoice notices for each invoice that matches the
selection criteria you specify in the Print Invoice Notice parameters. For detailed information on invoice notices.

Receiving Hold Requestor Notice: Use the Receiving Hold Requestor Notice to print a notice informing a requestor of an invoice hold because the requestor has not acknowledged the receipt of invoiced items. When you submit this report, Payables prints a notice to each requestor who has ordered goods or services from a supplier who has sent you an invoice, but the requestor has not yet acknowledged receipt of all items so the invoice remains unpaid.

Supplier Open Balance Letter: Use this report for auditing purposes or to periodically inform your suppliers of open balances. This letter contains an introductory paragraph, individual transaction information, and the outstanding balance due for a supplier site as of a specific date. You can run the report for supplier invoices for all currencies in which
a supplier does business or for only one currency. The report summarizes balances by currency.

Withholding Tax Letter: Use this report to create a withholding tax letter to mail to your suppliers on a periodic basis. This letter contains a list of withholdings made for a supplier, summarized either by tax type and tax rate or by supplier site.


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