Payables Invoice Tax Reports

Payables Invoice Tax Reports

Payables Invoice Tax Reports

Intra–EU VAT Audit Trail Report: Use the Intra–EU VAT Audit Trail Report to review invoice and tax information for your intra–EU invoices. Intra–EU invoices are invoices that you receive from suppliers located in European Union member states other than the member state in which your organization is located. You are not required to pay Value–Added Tax (VAT) for intra–EU invoices, but you are required to maintain records and report on the VAT amounts for these invoices. Payables allows you to record these tax liabilities by creating offsetting tax amounts for each tax amount on an invoice.

Tax Audit Trail Report (By Tax Code or Invoice): Use this report to review tax information for posted or partially posted invoices you select. You can order this report either by Tax Code or Invoice.

Use Tax Liability Report: Use this report to determine the amount of use tax you owe to each tax authority for invoices you enter during a period. Payables defines Use Tax as the amount of tax a supplier should have, but did not, charge you for an invoice. You must enter a Use tax code(s) on invoice distributions for Payables to select the invoice in this report.

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