NTT DATA Recent Interview questions on Oracle Apps

NTT DATA Recent Interview questions on Oracle Apps,AskHareesh Blog for OracleApps

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  1. What is Dynamic SQL?
  2. What are Data types in PL/SQL?
  3. What is Difference between Key Flex field and Descriptive Flex Field?
  4. What is Mutating Error?
  5. What is Diff between Bad file , Discard File and Control File?
  6. What is O-C Cycle Flow and P-P Cycle Flow?
  7. What is Instead Of Trigger?
  8. What are Form Registration Steps?
  9. What is the diff between Custom.pll and Template.fmb?
  10. What are types of value sets in Oracle Apps?
  11. What is Profile and its levels?
  12. Tell me some tables From Financial Modules?
  13. What is workflow?
  14. Tell me some tables in Oracle Workflow?
  15. What are report registration Steps?
  16. What is Token in oracle apps?
  17. What is Inbound interface Process?
  18. What parameters you have used in GL,PO and Invoice  Interface Process?
  19. What is the difference between Interface and Conversion?
  20. How do you do technically in Oracle and Oracle Apps?
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