TechMahindra Recent Interview Questions on Oracle Apps

TechMahindra Recent Interview Questions on Oracle Apps,
v  Limit Clause in Bulk collect:
v  Difference b/w Select Count(*) from emp and select Count(1) from emp
v  What is the memory size of the bulk collect
v  What is the issue we can raise in bulk collect if we want to  improve the performance security?(issue name)
v  Diff b/w decode and case statement
v  Can we use arithmetic operators in decode and case?
v  What are DFF types?
v  In MOAC,  how to provide performance Security ?
v  AP, ar, gl in which one, we can get high secure and performance is high&how?
v  What are the cursor types and write an example.
v  What is FND load? Why we can use this one? And which stage?
v  How to deliver or submit the report when completing your task?
v  What you customized in your present project?
v  How many reports you developed in your total experience and present project? What are they?
v  SQL * loader errors how can you find(where it will be located) other than these(log file, bad file, discard file)
v  How many interfaces you developed, what is your contribution in present interface project.