Scope international PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

Scope international PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. How to see invalid indexes?
  2. How to rebuild invalid indexes using pl/sql block
  3. Which cursor are used in u r project,how to idenified which cursor are wrritten in u r  requirement?
  4. which is better explict or implict?
  5. Create small procedure in u r project you are created?
  6. Do u know m_views? Explain wat is disadvantages and advantages?
  7. When m_views are created mainly?if base table deleted what happen m_views?
  8. Why are u creating m_views in u r project?main purpose?
  9. In exceptions, write ora errors?
  10. Ora errors where stored?
  11. What are different types of queries
  12. Write a correlated sub query and explain how it works
  13. What are different type of statements
  14. What tcl do
  15. What is difference between stored procedure and function
  16. How you handle errors
  17. What is %type and %row type
  18. What are different types of cursors
  19. How implicit cursor works
  20. What are different type of triggers
  21. Write a pl/sql block for trigger at the time of insertion for inserting old and new values auditing table.
  22. What are different types of joins
  23. What self join do
  24. Write an example and explain about self join
  25. Write an example for left outer join and how output comes
  26. What is difference between in and = operator
  27. What is package
  28. Tell some advantages of packages
  29. What are collections in pl/sql
  30. What are pointers in c
  31. How you connect to data base
  32. Some more interview questions asked in scope
  33. Difference between cursor for loop and for loop, which is faster?
  34. In proc and pl/sql, which is faster?
  35. Which is best method to kill the process (unix or oracle)?
  36. Difference between c shell, bourn shell, k shell?
  37. What is inode?
  38. How to search two patterns using grep pattern?
  39. Difference between ls and find?
  40. Difference between view and snapshot?
  41. Difference between function and procedure?
  42. Why we cannot use ddl commands in procedure?
  43. Difference between global variable and static global variable?
  44. How to access variable of nested procedure?
  45. If we have both user exception and system exception, which will be handled first?
  46. Difference between anonymous block and normal block?
  47. Can we create snapshot for another schema?
  48. How to access table from another database?

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