R12 Technical Features

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R12 Technical Features

R12 is Moving jinitiator to Native Sun Java Plug-in (Sun J2SE1.5(5.0)).
Browser Supports
  1. Ie 6.0
  2. Netscape 7.2
  3. Firefox 1.5
  4. Safari 2.0 only Macintosh OSX(10.4)
Concurrent Processing Features 
  • Request Set Submission in OAF
  • Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC)
  • Restart and Hold for Request Sets
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Request Set Submission in OAF
Earlier ,request sets could be submitted through forms user interface.But in you can submit concurrent Request through HTML based UI. There is no applet download required. This feature supports Partial page rendering.
Restart and Hold for Request Sets
This is Another New feature end users will be perform on Concurrent Reuqest sets Restart and Hold.your able to restart the failed setsYou can also place a Hold on a Request Set that is currently running. This will hold the Request Set at the end of the current executing stage until the hold is manually removed If a Running Request Set is placed in Hold, the next stage is never executed. Once the hold is removed, the set goes back on the queue and will be picked up by the next available manager for execution. This gives you the ability to pause a running Request Set and resume it at a later timeBoth of these new operations can be executed from the Forms and the OAFramework.

Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC)
R12 introduces another new feature Multi-Org Access Control for Concurrent Requests,Aloows a user to acessmultiple organizations from a single responsibility
The key setup steps are:
  • Define the customer organizationsSet the Concurrent Program Operating Unit Mode to S (Single) M (Multiple) or null.
  • Define the MO: Security Profile profile option.
There are two key profile options for MOAC.
The first is the MO: Security Profile.
This profile option is setup on Install and contains a list of HR global profile options.
The second key profile is the MO: Default Operating Unit ,which you can use to set the default Operating Unit for a user.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Request Submission and Viewing
This is final feature Role Based Access Contol.This feature is used to to restrict access to data in Concurrent Processing This allows administrators to limit which Concurrent Programs and Concurrent Request Sets a user is allowed to Submit for processing, and also which Concurrent Requests the user is able to view.
legacy Report Access Level profile is no longer supported, and will not work in R12.
In earlier releases, request groups were tied to responsibilities via the "Define Responsibilities" form. This has been deprecated in R12.