KPIT PLSQL Interview Questions

KPIT PL/SQL Interview Questions,

KPIT Interview Questions

  1. What does instr () and substr () returns. Write syntax for both
  2. Write a query to delete duplicate rows from a table
  3. Write query to find the maximum salary w/o using function
  4. Delete vs. Truncate
  5. Procedure vs. Function
  6. Constraint vs. Trigger
  7. View vs. Materialized view
  8. Structure of pl/sql block
  9. How do you handle exceptions in pl/sql?
  10. What is a sequence and what is the need of it
  11. Types of triggers
  12. What happens if a cursor is not closed?
  13. What happens when you try to open a cursor that is already opened?
  14. What is temporary table space? Can you create that?
  15. Can you write triggers for a ddl statement?
  16. What is a package? What is the need of it?
  17. Types of joins and why we need joins
  18. Types of constraints
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