How to register the forms in oracle applications

How to register the forms in oracle applications?


1. Download the required fmb(s) and pll(s) from the server.
2. Develop the custom form in forms developer.
3. Move the form into server.
4. Compile the form file.
5. Form registration.
6. Form function registration.
7. Attaching the form function into menu.

Steps in detail

1. Download the TEMPLATE.fmb and APPSTAND.fmb from $AU_TOP/forms/US.
    (You can find all the oracle apps seeded forms in this directory)

2. Download the required pll files from $AU_TOP/resource.
    (You can find all the oracle apps seeded library files in this directory)

3. Copy and save the TEMPLATE.fmb into meaningful custom name.

4. Delete the following objects
             i. Window name (BLOCKNAME)
            ii. Canvas name (BLOCKNAME)
           iii. Data blocks (BLOCKNAME and DETAILBLOCK)

5. Create the windows, canvases and data blocks as per the requirements. (Don’t forget to sub class the properties for the same.) If you are creating the multi record blocks then include a one non-data base item in the same block and sub class the property called “CURRENT_RECORD_INDICATOR”.

6. You must modify the following triggers
          i. PRE-FORM

7. You do not modify these form-level triggers, but you can write block or item level triggers that override the form-level trigger.
           i. KEY-LISTVAL
          ii. ON-ERROR.

8. You do not modify the following triggers in any way.
               i. STANDARD_ATTACHMENTS
              ii. ZOOM
             iii. FOLDER_ACTION
             iv. KEY-HELP
              v. KEY-EXIT
             vi. KEY-EDIT
            vii. KEY-COMMIT
           viii. WHEN-WINDOW-CLOSED
            ix. CLOSE_WINDOW

9. You must modify the APP_CUSTOM package body as mentioned like a below figure.
10. Move the fmb file into $XXCUSTOM_TOP/forms/US.

11. Compile the fmb file in PuTTY (connect to PuTTY and change the current directory into $XXCUSTOM_TOP/forms/US, execute the below mentioned command with apps password.)

Release 12
frmcmp_batch module= userid=apps/output_file= module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

11i Release
f60gen module= userid=APPS/output_file= module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

12. Register the form in oracle apps.
Navigation -> Application Developer > Application > Form
13. Register the form functions
Navigation -> Application Developer > Application > Function

Description TAB (Function name and user function name)
Properties TAB (Type -> Form)
Form TAB (chose the custom form name)

14. Attach this form function into menu.
Navigation -> Application Developer > Application > Menu
Query the appropriate menu and add the custom function into the same.

15. Verify the form in oracle apps.


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  1. bro hareesh could you please guide me where to get the fmb file, and please reply me.... in this if you can...
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