Honeywell PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

Honeywell PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. DIFFERENCE between subquries and co-related sub quries..
  2. How u find which process is running in unix environment?
  3. Whether grep() provide no of times of patrren searching?
  4. Difference b/w procedure and function?
  5. Joins-----types –with explanation
  6. Scenario to find quries using outer joins
  7. Highest & lowest salary values
  8. Find the second maximum salary
  9. Datatypes in sql
  10. Package advantages
  11. Trigeer –types
  12. Nvl function
  13. Pragma
  14. Cursor types
  15. How to debug a procedure
  16. Difference b/w union and union all?
  17. Without producing a link how u send data to front end manually?
  18. How to find how many records it fetched?
  19. How u get where error is occurred in code?
  20. What is data dictionary?
  21. Single row,multi row functions/
  22. Difference b/n view and materialized view?
  23. Psuedo columns
  24. Decode ()
  25. Sequence, advantages
  26. Explain set operations?
  27. Inline function()
  28. Difference b/n nullif and nvl2
  29. Difference b/n dbms and rdbms
  30. Diffence b/n count(1),count(*)
  31. PROCEDURE overloading
  32. date fuctions?
  33. Loops in plsql
  34. what is table space?
  35. difference b/n having and where caluse?
  36. Dis advantages of cursor
  37. bulk loader
  38. bulk collect
  39. triggers/instead of trigger
  40. creation of  data base link
  41. use of hint
  42. What is directory?
  43. What is external table?

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