CSS PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

CSS PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about your self
  2. What is index?
  3. How does index form internally?
  4. What are pseudo columns?
  5. What are exceptions? How to handle expections in PL/SQL?
  6. Explain about exception propagation?
  7. What is autonomous transaction?
  8. What is trigger? Have you ever used it?
  9. Define view
  10. Can we update a view?(what are the conditions)?
  11. if I have created view from two tables by taking all the columns in the table now is it possible to update that view?
  12. then I have to compulsory update that view how to do that?
  13. What is instead of triggers?
  14. what is syntax of case?
  15. Difference between procedure and functions?
  16. What is a package and what are its advantages?
  17.  What are the Sqlca structure elements?
  18. select duplicate records from a emp table?
  19. Select Nth maximum salary from emp table?                                        
  20. Why PL/SQL
  21. Why package?
  22. Why Triggers while you are having Constraints
  23. Types of Triggers and Mutating Triggers
  24. Examples for statement level and row level triggers
  25. Bulk-fetch and bulk binding
  26. What are the options that you use while pre-compiling a Pro*C program and why?
  27. All about cursors
  28. What is the need of Error Handling in PL/SQL and how will you do it
  29. Write queries for deletion of duplicate records and nth max salary
  30. Search and Replace in UNIX
  31. Find syntax
  32. Grep syntax
  33. Copy all the fields from the result of ls –l command into different host variables and insert them into a database object
  34. Describe materialized view
  35. I/O redirection
  36. Why Locks and different types of locks
  37. Autonomous transaction
  38. Referential Constraint

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