CSC PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

CSC Interview Questions In Oracle PL/SQL

  1. Tell me about your self
  2. What is index?
  3. How does index form internally?
  4. What are pseudo columns?
  5. What are exceptions? How to handle expections in PL/SQL?
  6. Explain about exception propagation?
  7. What is autonomous transaction?
  8. What is trigger? Have you ever used it?
  9. Define view
  10. Can we update a view?(what are the conditions)?
  11. If I have created view from two tables by taking all the columns in the table now is it possible to update that view?
  12. What is instead of triggers?
  13. What is syntax of case?
  14. Difference between procedure and functions?
  15. What is a package and what are its advantages?
  16. How to call procedure in Pro*C
  17. Have you ever used dynamic Sql statements in your project (methods in Pro*C)?
  18. How to handle exceptions in Pro*C
  19. What are the Sqlca structure elements?
  20. How do you handle/trap errors in Pro*C?
  21. Select duplicate records from a emp table?
  22. Select Nth maximum salary from emp table?

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