What is FNDLOAD and what it is used for

What is FNDLOAD and what it is used for,AskHareesh Blog for OracleApps

 What is FNDLOAD and what it is used for

FNDLOAD is a concurrent program that can move Oracle Applications data between database and text file. FNDLOAD can download data from an application entity into an editable text file, which can be uploaded to another database. Conversion between database format and text file format is specified by a configuration file. We use ldt loader data files for loading.

 Oracle currently supports the migration of the following types of data using FNDLOAD

 Printers / Print queues /
  Executables Printers / Print queues / Executables. Roles /
Responsibilities / Forms Roles / Responsibilities / Forms. Menus / Users
  / Request Sets Menus / Users / Request Sets. Request Groups / Request
 Queues Request Groups / Request Queues. Work shifts / Programs /
Libraries Work shifts / Programs / Libraries. Attachments / Help Files
Attachments / Help Files. Mime Types Mime Types. Security Information.


0 & Y are flags for FND Executable like FNDCPASS & FNDLOAD where
   0 is request id (request ID 0 is assigned to request ID's which are not submitted via Submit Concurrent Request Form.
   'Y' indicates the method of invocation. i.e. it is directly invoked from the command-line not from the Submit Request Form.

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