Payroll to GL Transfer

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Payroll to GL Transfer :

What is purpose of Payroll Costing and Transfer to General Ledger ?

  • In Payroll area, the Costing process basically allocates payroll run which results to cost segments.
  • The Transfer to the General Ledger process transfers cost information to Oracle General Ledger interface tables.
  • At the installation - setting up segments of the Cost Allocation key flexfield to determine the windows in which users can select cost codes.
  • Oracle Costing you use a post–payroll run process to accumulate payroll costs.
  • For Oracle General Ledger you can map the segments of the Cost Allocation key flexfield to the corresponding segments of the General Ledger Accounting flexfield.
  • If you do not using GL in same product, you may consider how to relate information on labor costs entered in Oracle Human Resources to your financial systems.


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