Interview Questions On Inventory and Purchasing

Interview Questions On Inventory and Purchasing, AskHareesh Blog for OracleApps

Interview Questions On Inventory and Purchasing

1. What is an Organization & Location?
2. What are the KeyFlexFields in Oracle Inventory Module?
3. What are the Attributes of Item Category & System Items?
4. What are the KeyFlexFields in Oracle Purchasing & Oracle Payables?
5. What are the KeyFlexFields in Oracle HumanResources & Oracle Payroll?
6. How would you create an Employee (Module Name) Describe?
7. What is a Position Hierarchy? Is there any restriction to create that?
8. To whom we call as a Buyer? What are the Responsibilities?
9. How do you Setup an Employee as a User – Navigation?
10. How many Approval Groups we have? Describe?
11. Describe the Types of Requisition?
12. How many Status's and Types For RFQ's & Quotations Describe?
13. How many Types of Purchase Orders We Have?
14. What is a Receipt?
15. What is Catlog Rfq?
16. Give me online about Planned Po?
17. How can the manger view the Approval Documents Information?
18. Whether the manager can forward to Any other person? How?
19. Can u resend the document your subordinate how?
20. What is Po Summary?

1. It is a Ware House Which you can Store the Items, And You can setup your business Organization Information Like Key Flexfilelds,Currency,Hr Information and starting time and end time. Location's are like godown place, office place, production point.
2. System items,Item Categories,Account Alias,Sales Order,Item Catalog,Stock Locators
3. The classification of items are Category Like Hard ware and Software, where as the Systems are individual items like Cpu,Key Board.
4. No Flexfields, But the help of Inventory And Human Resources we can use
5. Job Flexfield,Position Flexfield,Grade Flexfiled,Costing,People Group Flexfield, Personal Analysis Flexfield.
6. If Human Resource is Installed Hr/Payroll, If Not I can create Employee using with Gl,Ap,Purchasing,Fixed Assets
7. It is a Grouping of Persons for Approving and Forwarding the Documents from one person to another person, there is no restriction.
8. The Employee is nothing a Buyer, who is responsible for Purchase of Goods or services.
9. Security—-User—-Define, System Administration Module
10. Document Total,Accounts,Items,Item Categories,Location
11. Purchase Requistion,Internal Requistion
12. In Process,Print,Active,Closed for Rfq's In Process,Active,Closed for Quotation
13. Standard,Purchase Agreement,Blanket Po,Planned Po
14. To Register the Purchase orders/Po lines for shipment purpose
15. It contains Price breaks with different quantity levels
16. For a Agreement for long period for goods
17. Notifications Window
18. Yes, In the Notifications Window under the Forward to Push Button
19. Yes, In the Notifications Window under the Forward to Push Button
20. The Purchase Order Summay Information like total lines, and status.


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