Important questions to be remembered by a Oracle Consultant

Important questions to be remembered by a Oracle Consultant,
What is Set of Books ? What are the four conditions when you change your SOBs?
  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Currency 
  3. Calendar
It is similar to the bank passbook, used to record all the financial transactions. There could be one primary set of books and many reporting set of books. Defining COA, currency and calendar are pre-requisite to define the SOB.

What is an Invoice? How many types of invoices ar...
There are 9 types of Invoices in AP: Standard, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Prepayment, Withholding Tax, Mixed Invoice, Expense Report, PO default and Quick Match.
There are 6 types of Invoice in AR : Invoice, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Charge back, Deposit and Guarantee.

What is the difference between data conversion and data migration?
Data Migration is upgrading from one version to another version fro e.g. from 11.5.9 to 11.5.10.. Data Conversion is receiving data from a legacy system or receiving data from another module ( e.g. PA), validating it and converting it to ur our the target module using the standard import program.

Set ups need to approve invoice in AP?
For approving an invoice in AP we have to raise one invoice for raising an invoice we have some mandatory fields like supplier, supplier number, Payment terms, distribution sets, date, payment method, bank, payment document etc. After defining all the above we can raise a invoice, There's no need of defining the approval group it s not a mandatory,

What is a profile option? What are the types?
The profile options are available to every product in Oracle Applications. For each profile option, we give a brief overview of how Oracle Application Object Library uses the profile's setting.
1) User Level
2) Responsibility Level
3) Application Level
4) Site Level.

What are _ALL tables in Oracle Apps?
_ALL tables in oracle applications give the info about multiple organizations info about these tables.

What is descriptive flex field and what is the use?
Descriptive Flex fields r used to add additional information, and these values r stored to the column attributes. Go to sysadmin application-flex fields-descriptive-segments.

What is a Flex Field? What are Descriptive and Key flex fields?
A flexfield is made up of sub-fields or segments.. A flexfield appers on ur form as a pop-up window that contains a prompt for each segment. Each segment has a name and a set of valid values..

Two types of Flex field..
Key Flex field: Key flex field are flexible enough to let any organization use the code scheme they want without programming.Key flex field can be used to represent codes that is made up of meaningful segment to identify GL a/c Part no. and other business entities..Oracle app store these codes in key flex fields..

Descriptive Flex field: They provide customizable "expansion space" on ur forms. You can use descriptive flex fields to tract additional information important and unique to ur business that would not otherwise be captured by the form.

What Credit memo / Debit Memo?
Credit and Debit Memo are used for adjusting the suppliers balance and both is a negative amount. Debit Memo is created by you and send to the supplier and credit memo is received from the supplier and record it.

What is a request Sets? how to create a request Set?
Request set is a group of requests.It is made to perform the request in a certain sequence.Request set can be created from System administrator responsibility.

What are the types of Concurrent Managers?
There are many concurrent managers, each monitoring the flow within each apps area.
1. Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM): This is the one which monitors all other CM's
2. Standard Manager (SM) : This takes care of report running and batch jobs
3. Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM): checks concurrent program definitions for incompatability checks.
We cannot delete a concurrent manager... but we can disable it... but it's not recommended.


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