Payables Reports Listing

Payables Reports Listing
Bank Account Listing: Use this report to review information for each internal bank account you use. Payables provides detail information about each bank, bank branch, bank account, and payment document that you have defined.

Distribution Set Listing: Use the Distribution Set Listing to review a complete list of all the Distribution Sets you have defined. Distribution Sets simplify and speed invoice entry by automatically generating invoice distributions for invoices which have assigned Distribution Sets.

Employee Listing: Use this report to create a list of employees that meet criteria you specify. You can sort this report in four different ways.

Payment Terms Listing: Use the Payment Terms Listing to review a complete list of the payment terms you have defined in the Payment Terms window.

Payables Lookups Listing:Use this report to obtain a listing of all predefined lookup values, and all lookup values you defined in the Oracle Payables Lookups window.

Tax Numbers Listing: Use the Tax Codes Listing to review rate and account information for tax codes you defined in the Tax Codes window.

AP Input Tax Groups Listing: Use the Tax Groups Listing to review all tax groups and the tax codes that belong to each group. The Tax Groups Listing lists only the input tax groups that are available to the organization associated with your user responsibility. You define tax groups in the Tax Groups window.

Tax Recovery Rules Listing: Use the Tax Recovery Rules Listing to review all the tax recovery rules and rates that you defined in the Tax Recovery Rules window. The reports lists all of the rates for each tax rule.

Expense Report Template Listing: Use this report to review a listing of all expense report templates you define in the Expense Report Templates window.

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