Oracle Reports Interview Questions & Answers

Oracle Reports Interview Questions & Answers,
1. What are the different file extensions that are created by oracle reports?
Rep file and Rdf file.

2. From which designation is it preferred to send the output to the printed?

3. Is it possible to disable the parameter from while running the report?

4. What is lexical reference? How can it be created?
Lexical reference is place_holder for text that can be embedded in a sql statements. A lexical reference can be created using & before the column or parameter name.

5. What is bind reference and how can it create?
Bind reference are used to replace the single value in sql,pl/sql statements a bind reference can be created using a (:) before a column or a parameter name.

6. What use of command line parameter cmd file?
It is a command line argument that allows you to specify a file that contain a set of arguments for r20run.

7. Where is a procedure return in an external pl/sql library executed at the client or at the server?
At the client.

8. Where is the external query executed at the client or the server?
At the server.

9. What are the default parameter that appear at run time in the parameter screen?
Destype and Desname.

10. Which parameter can be used to set read level consistency across multiple queries?
Read only.

11. What is term?
The term is terminal definition file that describes the terminal form which you are using r20run.

12. What is use of term?
The term file which key is correspond to which oracle report functions.

13. Is it possible to insert comments into sql statements return in the data model editor?

14. If the maximum record retrieved property of the query is set to 10 then a summary value will be calculated?
Only for 10 records.

15. What are the sql clauses supported in the link property sheet?
Where start with having.