Workflow with Approval Notification - part3

Sample workflow with Approval notification:

In the node change the Performer type to Item attribute as we intent to set the attribute value from function. We can also load the roles from database and add it here. The timeout is also important in a notification as if the user does not respond in a particular time period we can control the workflow path. The Time out can also be an item attribute.
Drag another end so that when in the notification when user selects another result which is Reject, it should also flow till the end. Use can also use default as when there are multiple results, then other than the result mentioned in the flow rest all comes under this flow. Any can also be chosen if the workflow should also follow this path in either case.
Validate and save the workflow in the database or on the desktop and upload it using WFLOAD.
Once the Workflow is saved in the database then validate using following scripts:
   FROM wf_item_activities_history_v
  WHERE item_type = 'XAOATEST';

   FROM wf_item_types
  WHERE name = 'XAOATEST';

  WHERE process_item_type = 'XAOATEST';

   FROM wf_item_types_tl
  WHERE name = 'XAOATEST';

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