Workflow with Approval Notification - part1

Sample Oracle workflow with an Approval Notification:

Open the existing workflow which is created earlier from the database or by using WFLOAD:
Save the file on the desktop:
Once the workflow file is saved on the desktop, Now we will be modifying that wft.
The target is to send an email notification to one person using Oracle workflow.
For this as step one we are creating an Item Attribute which is similar to a Global Variable in a PLSQL Package. There are different types of item attributes like Text, number, date, lookup, form, url, document, role, attribute and event. Here we are selecting a text. We can even go for a Role type but then we need to create a role and assign it then to the attribute.
Set the item attribute properties:
Once the attribute is created then create a new message which needs to be send in the notification.
Set the properties of the new message:
In the body the actual email notification Body and in the subject the email notification subject goes in. We can also modify using html body if we need to enter the data in tables with different color coding, .etc. Here in the message body we have appended the Item attribute just for reference on how to add item attributes which change dynamically in the workflow.
As we are using standard Approve/Reject notification we are selecting an existing lookup. Else if we want to create a new, we can always create a new lookup with its values and use it here.
Add the display name and description which are mandatory.

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